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This page contains historical information about the Creative Commons affiliate network, disbanded effective 2018 April and replaced by the Creative Commons Global Network. Creative Commons country affiliates have been replaced with CC Country Chapters. Information about the this country's Chapter, if formed, can be found at the link above. This information is no longer current and is retained solely for informational purposes. All contact information for current members of this country's network are found at the link, above.

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Most Recent License Version
Affiliated Institution
Fulton & Fulton, S.C. (law firm)
Project Lead
León Felipe Sánchez Ambía
Latin America
Country Code

Visit the jurisdiction's website. The Creative Commons Mexico license suite is available in the following version. License your work under these licenses, or choose the international licenses. More info.

Many thanks to all who contributed to the localization of the license suite.

Creative Commons is working with Fulton & Fulton, S.C. to create Mexico jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC Mexico List

Project Lead: León Felipe Sánchez Ambía and Jorge Ringenbach Sanabria Public Lead: Emilio Saldaña Quiñones

About Fulton & Fulton, S.C.

Fulton & Fulton, S.C., founded in 2002, is a premium level, young attorney’s law firm with wide experience on intellectual property law based in Mexico City.

Though Fulton & Fulton is not an academic institution, our attorneys are always up to date on any issue regarding the intellectual property world.

Fulton & Fulton leads the legal porting project for CC in Mexico as a pro-bono activity that pursues to contribute on the research and development of new ways to understand and use intellectual property rights.

Fulton & Fulton is always interested to keep ahead of others by leading innovative projects. It has contributed to several projects such as the amendments to the Copyright law in Mexico, as well as to the Industrial Property law, thus making it a natural leader on the subject.

Fulton & Fulton attorney’s are all graduates from Law Faculty of the U.N.A.M. which is the most important university in Latin America and ranked 77* among the top 100 universities in North & Latin America just on the same level as the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Virginia Tech University and Notre Dame University. (*According to studies made by the Institute of Higher Education, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Fulton & Fulton’s mission is to enrich the ideal of free culture by contributing with it’s highly refined researchers on the legal porting of the CC license for Mexico.

For more information about Fulton & Fulton, visit