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How to download and burn your own LiveContent 2.0 LiveDVD

We've hosted the disk image (.iso) of 2.0 at . From there, click on the LiveContent 2.0 disk image. Choose where to save the .iso file on your computer. After the file has completed downloading, you'll need to burn it to a DVD. Burning a disk image to a DVD is different than burning a music CD. Here's a listing of ISO image burning software further instructions on burning an ISO image to a DVD.

How to boot LiveContent

After the .iso image has been burned onto a DVD, you've created a LiveDVD! LiveDVDs run operating systems and applications directly from the DVD. So, put the DVD in your DVD drive and reboot your computer. While your computer is rebooting, hold down the appropriate "boot from disk" key. (This is normally the "C" key on Macs and the "F12" key on PCs). When the boot menu pops up, choose the option "run from DVD." LiveContent will now boot up and your system will be running exclusively from the LiveDVD.

What is Creative Commons?

Creative Commons provides free tools that allow you to share your creative works with the world. When you share your creativity, you're enabling people anywhere to use it, learn from it, and be inspired by it. Whenever you create something, like a song, photograph, story, drawing or film, you automatically own an "All Rights Reserved" copyright to the creative work. Copyright gives you, the artist, important rights that allow you to say how others can use the creativity. Sometimes full copyright is too restrictive--it forces others to ask your permission before they can use your creativity. If you want your work to be freely shared, used, and built upon by the rest of the world, Creative Commons is the way. Creative Commons provides free copyright licenses that let you say which parts of your copyright you're willing to give to the public. The process is easy. Go to our website and answer a few questions about how how you'd like others to be able to use your creation, and we'll give you a license that clearly communicates what people can and cannot do with your creativity. You don't give up your copyright, you refine it. The world of collaboration rules, and today there are millions of song, pictures, and written works that are free for you to share, reuse, and remix. Creative Commons helps build this world of open content, and you can help.

What is Free, Open Source Software (FOSS)?

All the software you see on this LiveContent disc is free and open source. Free as in free speech, not free as in price (although this is often the case too!). Free means users have the freedom copy, freedom modify, and the freedom to share their creations with others. The operating system and applications here look the same as others you'll find on Windows-based platform, but down deep, the guts are different. More importantly, the ideals are different. The source code, the stuff that makes computers run, is "free".

What can I do with LiveContent?

The LiveContent distro provides users the ability to view, use, burn, mix, and play with Creative Commons-licensed content. Check out examples of great open media by clicking on the content categories on the desktop of LiveContent. LiveContent is living creativity, a window on Creative Commons open content. Check out creative content like photos, music, and videos from places like Flickr,, Jamendo--all free, all at your fingertips, all ready to share, remix, reuse. There's lot of content here--rip it, use it, improve it. Mashup photos from Flickr to make a flyer using the Gimp, cut up audio, draw a picture, watch a movie. Share your creations too!