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CC Salon in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Creative Commons Puerto Rico (CCPR) is part of the international initiative of Creative Commons (CC), which joined forces with the Cyberlaw Clinic of the University of Puerto Rico School of Law to empower artists, scientists and educators of the 21st century with legal tools designed to protect and share their intellectual creations. CC has developed a flexible system of completely free licenses that allow any author of a creative work to communicate which rights he or she wants to reserve and which rights he or she wants to waive for the benefit of the community at large. The result is a freer and fuller access to the world’s wealth of ideas, which in turn promotes the development of truly open societies that are committed to sharing the fruits of our collective creativity in the arts and sciences.

After the adaptation of the “unported” CC licenses to the legal context of Puerto Rico and the launching of the licenses in 2008, CCPR has taken on the task of educating and counseling creators in all fields of the valuable tools provided by these licenses. As part of this broad initiative, CCPR has organized a “CC Salon,” an informal social event in which creative communities may mingle and share ideas, while they become familiar with the use of the CC licensing system and its advantages.

6:00 PM

Presentation “The Future of Open Video” by Elizabeth Stark, free culture advocate and a professor of law, technology, and society at Yale University

7:00 PM

Music---presentations of Los Niños Estelares and Norenid Feliciano

Poetry---poetry reading, organized by writer Yara Liceaga

Arts---in situ creation of work of art by Nathan Budoff, Ivelisse Jimenez, Elsa María Melendez, Fernando Paes, Alejandro Quinteros and Carlos Ruiz-Valarino

In addition, the students of Cyberlaw Clinic will offer individualized orientations with educational materials such as brochures, digital presentations, tutorials and samples of materials currently under CCPR licenses.

More than 25 CC Salons have already been held throughout the world. The Puerto Rico CC Salon will not only strengthen the bonds within our artistic community, but also further broaden the exchange of ideas between our local innovators and the rest of the world.