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Translation of CC0 into Legal Tools Translation/CC0/Polish

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation

Language coordination

Submission of Translation
Proposal to Regional Coordinator
Submission of First Draft: 2014/12/20
Start of public comment period: 2015/01/07
End of public comment period: 2015/02/05
Projected Publication Date: 2015/02/16

Translation process
Translation process

Accoring to the “Legal Tools Translation Guide” we are refering to the draft translation of Europeana. In submitted worksheet we point some differences arising from the translation of legal terminology.

Information about the public comment period

In Poland since 2011 there is an ongoing debate concerning the compliance of CC0 mechanizm with Polish law. Positions in this topic were issued by: the Ministry of Culture, Coalition for Open Education, Centrum Cyfrowe (institutional partners of Creative Commons Poland) and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.

Public comment period will start in the beginning of 2015. The translation will be published along with a note explaining the concerns about its compatibility with polish law based on statements analysis of entities listed above.

At the same time the translation will be sent directly to the people involved in the earlier translations of Creative Commons license and active in the field of copyright law and openness, lawyers, active librarians, representatives of cultural heritage institutions. To reach out those people we will use communication channels of Creative Commons Poland, Centrum Cyfrowe, Coalition for Open Education, and our partners such as Modern Poland Foundation, Malopolska Institute of Culture.

We will use blogs, social medias and mailing list to inform about translation process.

Web site:

Members of Creative Commons Poland involved in translation process:

Helena Rymar - a lawyer (legal counsel and attorney) specializing in copyright and media law. Legal lead of Creative Commons Poland. A subject-matter expert in the legal translation process.

Alek Tarkowski - head of Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska Foundation, chairman of Coalition for Open Education (PL), policy advisor Creative Commons, public lead in Creative Commons Poland. Communication and PR expert in the project.

Katarzyna Rybicka - a lawyer specializing in copyright law. Volunteer in Cretive Commons Poland. Coordinator of the translation process responsible for managing the process of translation and communication among team members, contact with Regional Coordinators and CC Legal.

Filip Rak - volunteer in Cretive Commons Poland, legal help in translation process.

Klaudia Grabowska - Open Access Lead for Creative Commons Polska, project coordinator of Open Science Library. Expert in open access and open GLAM. In the project responsible for involvement of OA experts in the course of the public comment period.

Kamil Śliwowski - project lead of Creative Commons Poland, trainer, expert in open education. In the project reresponsible for involvement of education experts in the course of the public comment period.

Word choice
original - Copyright and Related Rights translation - prawa autorskie i powiązane notes - Related Rights is a term in polish copyright law, which covers Rights to Performances, rights to Phonograms and Videograms, Rights to Broadcast Program Services, Rights to First Publications and Scientific and Critical Publications. CC0 Legal Code defined Related Rights much broader than that, including for example rights protecting against unfair competition or sui generis database rights. For this reason, Related Rights are translated literally (as copyright and similar rights), not as a legal term.

orginal - the public translation - ogół użytkowników notes - the public can be translated in several ways. Firstly as “licensee”, but it applies also to those who are only potential licensees. An alternate translation may be "public," a term which appears in polish civil code, but is not clear to the average person. Provided translation uses term “general users”, which is the most understandable.

original - as is translation - w stanie, w jakim on się aktualnie znajduje i, w najszerszym zakresie dopuszczalnym przez wszelkie stosowne przepisy

notes - This legal term does not occure in polish law. For this reason has been given descriptive definition of the legal term.

Yes I confirm that the team understands that this will be a translation of CC0 and not an adaptation.

In Progress