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Translation of CC0 into Legal Tools Translation/CC0/Japanese

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Jurisdictions participating in the translation

Language coordination

Submission of Translation
Proposal to Regional Coordinator
Submission of First Draft: 2013/08/03
Start of public comment period: 2013/08/05
End of public comment period: 2013/09/05
Projected Publication Date: 2013/09/20

Translation process
Phase 1: A solicitor with copyright specialization translated the draft, followed by rounds of reviews and revisions by 4 people, including two lawyers. Phase 2: An intensive review session was held by 6 people, including 2 lawyers. (Three of them, including a lawyer were also involved in the phase). Phase 3: A round of reviews and revisions was done by three people, including 1 lawyer. (The other two were involved in both Phase 1& 2).

Web site: {{{website}}}

All those involved are Creative Commons Japan members.

Word choice
All the decisions and choices were shared via email (from Tomo) with the CCHQ's legal team.

Yes I confirm that the team understands that this will be a translation of CC0 and not an adaptation.