Launch of the national version of the licenses

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Suggested Timeframe: one week

Press release

Once the XHTML files for all six licenses have been received, CC will post the licenses on the /international page along with the Commons Deed in your jurisdiction's language(s). Then CC will generate a press release to announce the launch. At this time, please send any relevant information about the project or event to CC. A presskit for high quality graphic files can be found at

The launch event

Whether the launch is in the form of a party, convention, television program, press conference, or all of the above, will be the decision of the Project Leads. However, the event should attract publicity to make sure the people will know where to find ?creative work available for others to create upon and share.?

Future collaboration

After the launch, the jurisdiction team and CCi will discuss whether the Project Leads and the Affiliate Institution would like to continue to work with CC as part of an ongoing collaboration. The parties agreeing to stay on board will then sign a Legal/Public Project Lead Agreement, which outlines the expectations and responsibility involved in continued collaboration.