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The mission of OpenFM is to give an option for businesses and radios to play independent artist music without paying for playback if artist has chosen to make it free for commercial purposes, thus creating an audience and channel that independant musicians can use for their big breakthru.

Unfortunately current copyright law of Latvia conveniently contradicts the Creative Commons license thus preventing it from being applicable in Latvia. We intend to localise Creative Commons license, form an independant artist asociation and build CC comunnity and change the local copyright law - in other words bring freedom to our creative industry.

Also while talking to a lot of artists around the globe - we found out that the vast majority of artists who licensed their work under a NC license would actually prefer their work to be played in a public places - radio, workplaces, cafes etc. So in local version we plan to introduce a new type of license, which allows public playback at commercial locations, but still forbids music from being sold or used directly in ads.