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This is dictionary intended for kids, though it can be used for adult learners as well. As words are completed, they will be reviewed for quality and appropriateness and ultimately "frozen" for export into a variety of formats, including text, PDF, ebooks, wikis, web, etc., for use on a variety of devices.

This work is being licensed as a public domain resource that anyone can use for any purpose. We see this as a fundamental building block for many OER projects and hope that it will be used by teachers, students, publishers, hardware manufacturers, VARs, and others.

The site includes a build-your-own-glossary tool that allows users to construct glossaries for their own books, units, courses, or web sites and export them to text, html, rtf, pdf, or wikitext. Over time, we will be adding other new features, such as audio pronunciations, pictures, support for additional languages, and a wide variety of export functions.

This is a mass collaboration project, and we hope that many people around the world will jump in and add a definition or two.