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Salon in Johannesburg, South Africa


The First Johannesburg CC Salon will be held on Thursday 31 August, 2006
This poster is designed by Lara Meter and can be used under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 license.


People from Johannesburg who are interested in Creative Commons, copyright, Free Culture, Open Source, Art, Media, and Music, and who would like to get to know people with the same interests...


A local informal gathering of individuals around Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology.

The guest speakers and presenters will be:

  • Nathaniel Stern

Nathaniel Stern, art geek and iCommons artist-in-residence for 2006, will be showing and discussing some of the remix work from his stay in Brazil, chatting briefly about CC culture, and previewing how he plans to grow next year's residency into an exhibition and workshop project. Find out more from the iCommons Summit coverage website and his blog.

  • MtKidu

The duo consisting of Murray Turpin (MT) and Nicholas Nesbitt (Kidu), will be presenting their live beat construct and visual manipulation show, find out more about MtKidu and see their site

  • DJ Richard tha IIrd

Richard tha IIIrd is a Jozi based DJ, producer and sound designer. Richard will be discussing, demonstrating and playing his own brand of South African mashup. Read more about Richard's presentation.


Remix Nation

The 'remix' has become one of the most powerful tools of the digital age. But the legal barriers to taking an established image or concept and mixing it up for a fresh take have become a hurdle for creativity - leaving those with the most power and wealth the only ones who are able to take the legal risk.

'Remix Nation' is the title of the first ccSalon in Jozi. It's about celebrating cultural pioneers in South Africa who are pushing the boundaries of the digital world and recognising how important legal remixing is to building a vibrant creative industry in South Africa.

Bring your USB Flash Disk along! Content will be made available by the presenters to be downloaded for your remixing enjoyment!


Thursday 31 August, 6:30pm


The Gordart Gallery
78 3rd Avenue, Melville


To connect with and build a community of artists, developers, musicians, film makers and who are working with or would like to know more about Creative Commons licenses, standards, and technology.

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