It Came From Airport Security

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It Came From Airport Security
Author: C. Glen Williams (ed.)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978143031382
Publication Date: 8/22/07
CC-Licensed Version:
Print version for purchase:
Pages: 80

The contest opened in August of 2006. The concept was simple enough:

"By now we've all heard the reports. And we've seen the pictures. The FAA is concerned that passengers may try to smuggle liquid and gel components onto airplanes disguised as drinks, toothpaste, or other personal items and then mix them to produce deadly explosives. So what do they do with these potentially disastrous items? Why, dump them all together into plastic waste bins in the middle of the airport, of course! What could possibly go wrong?

Why don't you tell us?"

The resulting anthology is eight stories long, all stories licensed under the Creative Commons by/sa 2.5 license. The stories and their authors are

1: The Problem with Bess -or- Super Mutant Animals Fight Terrorism by Michael Orbach 2: Al-Zombie by William Coker 3: We'll Teach You to Drink Deep by Kevin Hayes 4: Blunt Weapon by Steven F. Lott 5: Out of the Trash Bin by Jack Cleary 6: Sombrero Fallout by Peter Wild 7: Warm by Victor Bornia 8: The Interview by C. Glen Williams