International Forum on Free Culture and Knowledge

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Conference in Barcelona


This is the opportunity to join under the same roof and from a critical perspective, the main organizations and active voices in the free culture and knowledge world; a meeting point to sit down, dance and work together setting common agendas, strategies and address disagreements. In this regard, the Forum is action-oriented. Besides that, there are the conditions to get the visibility to reach a wider public and point out another perspective about knowledge, culture and creativity, different to the one that the entertainment industry and universities insists in showing us.

Why Barcelona

In January 2010, Spanish State will take up the European Presidency of the European Union. Spanish Government has already announced that one of their flagships will be reinforcing the control of the Internet and criminalizing the sharing culture in the digital environment. The consequences of those decisions will be noticed in the rest of the world. Furthermore, within this context, Barcelona is closing agreements with cultural institutions to set new agreements to get a fairer sharing of copyrights. These agreements will be spread to other institutions in Catalonia and Spanish State.