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Integrating Creative Commons License Information: One of the most useful attributes of using Creative Commons licenses is the quality metadata standards that can be used to both mark and identify CC licensed work. This can be anything from simply adding the ability for a media player to show the license information of a song to a full-fledge, RDFa using, semantic-web promoting web application for people to upload, share, and remix content.

Creative Commons is devoted to making it easy for developers to add license metadata functionality to all types of applications. Our tools are divided into two areas; Desktop and the Web.

Desktop Integration

Much of the functionality that is needed to integrate CC license information with desktop applications is available in the liblicense package. There is also License Tagger which is a small proof of concept application written in python that utilizes liblicense to embed license metadata information into files. For more information see the main Desktop Integration page.

Web Integration

Creative Commons has developed LicenseChooser.js which provides a lightweight method for integrating license selection into web applications. It does this by utilizing such technologies as RDFa. Additionally, Creative Commons has also developed a Web Services interface that can be used to enable license selection in online services. For more information, see the main Web Integration page.

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