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Conference in New York, NY, USA


Location: New York Law School

The book is up for grabs. Digital distribution is upending the publishing industry, changing how writers and readers find each other, and challenging long-settled notions of what a "book" is.

The social and technological upheaval is matched only by the legal one. Who owns electronic rights? Is indexing infringement? What does first sale mean online and globally? Will ubiquitous scanners mean ubiquitous piracy? Who owns bibliographic metadata? Will no one think of the orphans? Agency or wholesale? What does reader privacy mean when books have brains? The answers we give to these questions will define the future of books.

This one-and-a-half-day conference will bring together leading thinkers about law and the printed word. Speakers from academia, publishing, libraries, and the practicing bar wlll detail the sea change sweeping over publishing and debate how law should adapt.