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Author: Anil Prasad P
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 2013
CC-Licensed Version:
Print version for purchase: {{{pvfp}}}
Pages: 130

Imanofutu is an open fiction series. The name 'Imanofutu' is the acronym for 'Imaginary Nation of the Future' . The imprint version of Volume 1 of the same was published in October, 2013 via Creative Space Independent Publishing Platform (ISBN: 1478341866). It carries a CC-BY-SA license. The digital copy of Volume 1 is available for free download at . It is also available free of cost through Google Books and Google Play

Volume 1 is, in fact, a prologue to the entire series. The main plot of the series will tell the story of the people and nature of Imanofutu from 2101 onwards. The forthcoming volumes will also carry open license.

Volume 2 of the book with subtitle "The eventful start of Sugirl's presidency" was published on December 25, 2014 under CC-BY-SA license. As the subtitle indicates it captures the eventful start of the presidency of Sugirl, the first woman president of Imanofutu, who came to power in 2103. ISBN : 1505514444, ISBN-13 : 978-1505514445.

Volume 3 of the book with the subtitle "The first alien home on Earth" was published on April 25, 2015 under CC-BY-SA license. The volume depicts Imanofuteans' encounter with the aliens for the first time in the history of the mankind. Free digital copy of the book is available on the blog of the series as given above as well as through Google Books and Google Play. Imprint version of the book is available through the online stores of create space, amazon and amazon partners. ISBN : 1511583053, ISBN-13 : 978-1511583053