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Herder is a web-based translation tool.


  • Strings stored as text files for easy versioning
  • Through the web editting
  • Assignable permissions by translation domain and/or language


  • Unauthorized users may still suggest translations
  • Users may subscribe to updates for a language, domain, or individual string; this may be implemented over email or syndication ("watch" or "subscribe")
  • Language fall-back; i.e., es_EC should only store strings which are different than es. All languages eventually fall-back to English.
  • PO file generation, utilizing language fallback
  • Web-based user administration
    • Account management
    • Permissions assignment
  • Web-based language management
  • Domains, Languages and Strings are all URL addressable
  • Validate translated strings
    • Substitution variables are matched
    • XHTML is well-formed
  • Import Pootle quality assurance as possible

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