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History of Heifervescent

Heifervescent is essentially the solo project of Andy Doran, writing, performing and producing each track. The music has often been classed as beautiful yet sullen soundscapes, laying strong simple melodies and chiming guitars onto a bed of ambient string and hypnotic electronic arrangements. This has certainly been the case of the latest offering Little Egg and 2005's Pondlife Fiasco.

Way before Heifervescent, Andy Doran was singer/songwriter with Monkeyland, a 4 piece indie guitar band based in the North West of England. In the 1990s, in the midst of BritPop, Monkeyland played alongside notable indie bands such as Shed Seven, The House of Love, Power of Dreams and The Railway Children and released Placebo, a 4 track EP. As the decade came to a close, so did the band.


In 2000, there was a brief reformation as Cannula, this time with Dave Spencer on vocals and Andy on guitars and synths. This once again eventually lost momentum as Andy spent more time working with animation, producing videos for Inspiral Carpets and Mountaineers. In 2002 a solo venture began under the name of Heifervescent, and the debut album Hoofed and Dangerous was produced, with Monkeyland bass player, Neil Wignall adding some deep tones. This was followed by the folkier Verbal Bandit in 2003 and then the darker Murder in the Garden in 2004.

2005 brought the most played Heifervescent album so far - Pondlife Fiasco, featuring the most downloaded Heifervescent track - Deep Sea Diver. An instrumental version of Pondlife was also produced, many tracks being used for commercial use in advertising and film. Between 2005 and 2010, Andy spent much time writing for advertising, animation and experimental work, then in 2010 released The Glue Factory. All the tracks on this album were recorded at least 5 years before, but had never made it past the mastering mix. In 2011, Andy also revisited lots of Monkeyland tracks that had previously never got past the demo stage. This came out as a new set of recordings of Monkeyland songs called Further Adventures in Monkeyland.

Immediately after this Andy started working on a new album. Over 30 tracks were written and recorded, but eventually this was shortlisted to the 12 tracks which now form Little Egg, Heifervescent's 7th album.

All Heifervescent lyrics are available at the official website: http://www.heifervescent.com