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Educational App Software Development

Applicants: Anil Pattni
Affiliation: Wirelessapps, Freeworldu
CC affiliated? No
Contact: Anil Pattni
Coordinator: Anil Pattni
Project Start: 2010/08/01
Project End: 2011/01/01

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Describe the project you are proposing as clearly as possible in just five sentences.

I'm the founder & CEO of Wirelessapps and currently i'm also the IT Director for a non profit K-12 online school which develops custom accelerated learning courses for students experiencing learning difficulties within the classroom. We enroll them in our program, analyze strengths and weaknesses in their learning curves and bring them up to the pace of their classmates. I'm working on developing a software application allowing them to access course content via their mobile phones. I'm looking for technology/education based funding and developers to provide assistance in reaching my goal.

Detail the tangible project output (e.g., paper, blog post, written materials, video/film, etc.; this would be in addition to the final written report that successful grant recipients will be expected to deliver to CC at the conclusion of the project).

Facebook, Twitter, Website, iphone, android, ipad, symbian platforms.

Describe the community you are targeting. How would the project benefit the community?

By developing smartphone applications we can make customized learning for our students more affordable as they would no longer need to purchase a computer and have internet, in additional it will be more accessible which would eliminate problems with other commitments as they can access materials at any given time. Our courses are already free, so anyone can learn at their own />

What is your relationship with the community you are targeting? Why are you the best individual/organization to lead this project? Do you have prior experience in related projects?

Yes, I have over 20 years of software development experience working for many industry leaders in a range of different roles such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Training, Support, Software Development and data architectural design, user interaction, networking, hardware, etc.

How will you measure and evaluate your project’s impact - on your main participants? Other contributors? On the larger community?

Through active monitoring and support of students/users feedback.

How many participants do you expect to be involved in your project? How will you seek and sustain their involvement?

Right now I need 2 things funding and a team of experienced software developers, I have a company in mind which can provide developers and ideas for how the application/platform will be developed.

Describe how your project will benefit Creative Commons' mission to increase the amount of creativity (cultural, educational, and scientific content) in "the commons".

Providing free educational courses for students via existing, affordable technologies, distance learning opportunities to students experiencing problems in class, family commitments or low income families.

Describe what technologies and tools your project will use. What kinds of technical skills and expertise do you bring to the project? What are your technical needs?

Currently we already have an online website that students use to access material, Initially I would like have a content management system allowing content to be published to the mobile application. I have experience in current mobile app technologies, capabilities, I would like to incorporate social media collaboration for students and teachers.

What challenges do you expect to face, and how do you plan to overcome them?

Budget, application integration, and time constraints. I plan to overcome these by using grants and other sources of funding, having data flow from one app to another may be an issue, but thorough research design in the initial phase will eliminate majority of issues, from which point testing and bug tracking and consistant updating will correct other issues.

How do you plan to sustain your project after the Creative Commons funding has ended? Detail specific plans. How do you plan to raise revenue to continue your efforts in the future?

We also offer paid assessments and tests for students looking for additional support this will help sustain our services to students in the future.

How can this project be scalable, or have a scalable impact?

By the increase in students enrolling, their feedback, our test scores, class test scores, app analytics.

What resources and support do you expect Creative Commons to provide to your project to ensure its success (if any)?

Funding and access to companies/schools IT services and resources that can add value to educational software on mobile platforms

Describe how your organization currently communicates with its community members and network partners. (100 words)

Via our online website, email and tele conferencing.