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We are proud to officially launch the call for papers for the 2013 Global Summit. A Programming Committee made up of CC community members will make the final decision on the program.

Main Program

You have until 24 May to submit a session for the Main Program of the Summit.

The form to submit session proposals for the main program can be found here: Call for papers english; Llamado a charlas espanol

You can submit as many proposals as you like. They may also be in any language you like - however, note that the main audience for the Summit is English and Spanish, and translators will only be available for these languages. The Global Summit 2013 will feature a dedicated Spanish language program.

Proposals may be in one of the formats listed below or you may propose your own session format.

Presentations consist of a single oral presentation of no more than 15-20 minutes, that will be assembled with other lectures that share similar themes. The Programming Committee will organise panels based around these talks.

Panels consist of two or more talks on a common theme. They may be proposed by one or more persons. You must decide the panel's theme and speakers, and are responsible for its implementation during the Summit.

Workshops are practical or training sessions, which may be longer than the sessions above. As in the previous case, workshops may be proposed by one or more people, and their execution is the responsibility of the proposer/s. There will be no dedicated computer labs at the Summit. However, there will be wifi and most participants will have their own computer.

Miniconfs are half or full day event which combines several sessions on a common theme. Creative Commons will aim to make space available for miniconfs before and/or after the main conference - however, it is up to the miniconf proposers to organise all other aspects of the conference, including speakers, program and technical requirements.

Lightning talks

You may also submit a proposal for a lightning talk. These are unstructured presentation where you are free to present on any topic you like in five minutes. The lightning talks will be combined into one or more sessions on a particular day (still to be defined). You can submit a proposal for a lightning talk until 1 August, or during the conference if space is still available.

The form for lightning talks are here: Lightning Talks English; Charlas relámpago


Finally, the CC Summit will also feature open spaces in the program for those willing to set up jam and more relaxed sessions. This can be proposed during the conference itself - look out for an unconference board during the event.

What would you like to see?

We would also like to hear opinions on what you would like to see in the CC Summit. There's a space on the main program form, or you can send suggestions to info AT