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Local vs. Global breakout session

Participants: Alina (Mozilla), Alek (CC), Dees (Mozilla), Ela (Transmediale), Leonhard (researcher)

Dees: value: exposing people to modern web technologies, focused primarily on developers physical meetups, and attending other events to evangelize value: collaboration with universities and students value: cross-polinate designers with programmers, across disciplines focus on what the community wants, and not what you want - have this way a happy community

Alek value: international community building - leads meeting together value: cooperation with other global movements, but this was still internal movement growth

Leonhard: there's not much reaching out to newbies sometimes in smaller cities things work better, because there's less going on transmediale really focuses on value for participants - organization people might have a tendency to think more about what people can do for the org (which might be wrong) cc is a solution to the problem that people dont see as a problem, so you cant teach it to them directly - find a workaround

Ela free culture workshops in Berlin: small format, you have to sign up, for specific events value: focus, in a way even closing down possibilities "broad entry into issues" can be too broad if you're looking at newbies, you need to show specific things, practical skills in corp advertising world companies focus so much on their own internal language and have problems translating on the outside - CC and Mozilla have similar problems; it's a wrong model if you're asking people to become converts in order to profit from the model - it would be better to have concrete things people can use, being themselves, and find cool

Dees in london there are so many events to go to that it becomes a question whether you need to make one more event

Summing up: values 1. value to participants is the first step in obtaining value for the organization 2. value is in new alliances, cross polinating, learning from each other 3. value is evangelizing, it's part of the mission of all organizations

tools 1. be a (neutral) platform that provides speakers from different points of view to present different viewpoints 2. you have to close some doors to open others, you need to focus and even be exclusive 3. find issues / tools / projects / people that are *related* to what you're interested in, but not directly (bridges) + 4. people able to bridge communities - coming from "outside", but with insider knowledge of free culture 5. getting yourself out there, listening but not only talking - a certain mode of acting 6. we very much need neutrality, neutral spaces, platforms, events - for talking about issues we have a particular standpoint on 7. event calendar