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Action plan for GlobalMelt. Brainstorm for immediate and mid-term next steps.

Spread the word

What's next?

  • Assign yourself to your group/project on the wiki
  • Spread the word (contact your orgs and communities!)
  • Iterate on community of practice
    • (pilot in Barcelona/Berlin?)
    • Melting locally :)
  • GlobalMelt nursery
  • Update groups on milestones
  • co-tweet
  • deploy Sparklez
  • voluntary buddy system
  • blog/tweet about GlobalMelt in your language
  • acknowledge GlobalMelt convo for other topics
  • identify upcoming event (piggy back) for next GM
  • talk at your events about events
  • Melt your event subpage on wiki
  • Regular, scheduled IRC chat
  • GM sessions at other events