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Conference, in London, UK,


We believe that Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) should constantly look for new and imaginative ways to maximise the impact of their collections and knowledge. While online collections are a popular and exciting route to engage with their audience, they typically only have small numbers of visitors—whereas working with the Wikimedia community can offer Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums a new window on a potential global audience of over half a billion people worldwide.

This conference will have two main themes. On Friday, we are explaining the work Wikimedia UK has been doing with cultural organisations to showcase what partnerships and opportunities are available. You will hear first-hand how some institutions are already leveraging the connection between sharing a part of their own collections with Wikimedia and seeing some amazing benefits – such as a sharp increase in traffic to their websites and an increase in sales of merchandising. Attendees will be able to better understand the crossover of mutual interest that Wikimedians share with curators of cultural heritage to further each other's goals.

On Saturday, the conference will focus on more practical side of the Wikimedia-GLAM collaborations, with workshops and discussions to develop ideas. We also have a Sunday unconference event, where the agenda and session topics are being determined by attendees, on the day. Prepare for inspiring lightning talks, and getting as involved as possible.

This event is particularly relevant to any representatives of cultural institutions interested in a partnership with Wikimedia UK. Any representatives from the licensing, web, curation and interpretation departments in cultural institutions are welcome.