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This is a new idea for a festival and/or awards show-like event that could happen as part of some large conference or festival, like SXSW that would be for creators of media, would have some large categories for creative works, adopt a similar model to common awards shows (oscars, grammys, mtv video music awards) and would also have a festival component to the event that highlights contemporary media.



For the creators and producers of CC licensed content.


A festival/awards event that is latched onto a large conference or festival. It should be big and aggressive about finding great content and have excellent judges.


Initially, it should be in some solid location. Initial thought is to connect it with SXSW 2007.

  • Makers Faire (which they are doing again this year - I've checked)
  • What if we started our own "festival" and partnered with other orgs. and institutions (probably waaaaay bigger than google was thinking)
  • Block Party :)
  • What film festivals or art festivals are coming to town in the spring...hmmmmmm
  • Could partner with an academic institution to put this on? UC Berkeley, SFAI, etc.


Hopefully, the first one will be spring 2007 during one good day or evening


To highlight and reward contributors for their high quality creative content








What is doable before March?

How formal or informal should the event be?

What is the intended audience?

How does this connect with Creative Commons, SXSW, and other events already planned?

Who is on board to help plan and push this from CC HQ?

  • Jon Phillips - I will do what I can...
  • Melissa Reeder - I have a feeling this will be largely bemy responsibility, but I ain't scared
  • Please add your name here...and what capacity you can help with this event...

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