FOCUS ON CHINA: An Exhibition of CC Licensed Photographs of China (II)

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Exhibition, in Beijing China


China is undergoing a major social transformation, and the rapid changes of the society have been brought to the focus of photographers in China. And they have recorded the visual segments, which will become the cultural code to interpret modern China for the future. The second “Focus on China” exhibition of CC licensed photographs of China is collecting the photos which perceive modern China from a unique angle and focus on social development and cultural diversity, and will present them to the public through a professional design of exhibition.

The exhibition “Focus on China” will be held in Beijing from March 31st, 2012 to April 12th, 2012, organized be Creative Commons China Mainland, and co-organized by INTER Art Center & Gallery. All the works of the exhibition will be released under CC license. The collection of works has already begun, and the deadline for submission is March 15th. A panel composed of renowned photography critics and curators will select the works of 30 photographers from the submitted works for the exhibition and issue 3 awards.

The first “Focus on China” exhibition presented CC licensed photos in China to the international CC community during the 2008 CC Summit in Sapporo, and was widely acclaimed. This second “Focus on China” exhibition is part of the art promotion plan of Creative Commons China Mainland, which aims to spread CC license and the idea of legal sharing and remixing in the community of artists, musicians and photographers.

To submit photographs, please contact