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FM108.US Mission Statement: FM108.US plays only CC Licensed Music Artists, and is itself a CC Licenced Internet Radio Station. Music source is, FM108.US is a hobby project with a zero income, and is totally supported by the station's owner, Steve Joel Speirs, now retired.

Steve has thirty years experience as a major market radio air personality, with additional experience in program direction, and engineering as well. The station has both professional jingles, & voice-over promo packages, and in place of commerical advertizing, will be airing "1940's radio" public service announcments from the World War II. Some other PSA's will be promoting CC Licensed Artists,, Creative Commons Licencing/, and general reasons for the need of Internet Sharing Freedom promos.

In short: FM108.US's mission, is to showcase unsigned recording artist's works in a totally CC Professional Internet Broadcast environment, in order to promote both these artists, and the continued freedom of all artforms on the World-Wide-Web through Creative Commons Licencing.