Expert Symposium on Creative Commons China Mainland 3.0 License Draft

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Conference, in Beijing, China


After much discussion and preliminary consultation with scholars and experts, CC3.0 license draft version in China Mainland was formed and has been put into public discussion since December in 2010. In order to deepen and broaden the level of participation, CC China Mainland will organize an expert symposium on Creative Commons China Mainland 3.0 License Draft on July 9, 2011 in Renmin University of China in Beijing.

Why update to 3.0 version? Licenses prior to version 3.0 of the CC are based on the U.S. copyright law and they are actually quite different from the legal system in many jurisdictions. To make the CC License more widely applicable, Creative Commons rewrote a generic version (a new "generic" license) or a localized version of the license with the terms of relevant intellectual property treaties, hoping that the license will come to force through the performance of these international treaties by those jurisdictions, and to further promote the CC License.

What are the changes? The main changes of China Mainland 3.0 license draft version include the neighboring rights, the original author, moral rights, databases, license of copyright and so on. We made some adjustments and modifications to the unlocalized version of CC3.0 license according to Chinese Copyright Law and some other relevant laws and regulations. Get more detailed information through the following link. China Mainland 3.0 License Draft : of Changes:

Welcome to our seminar on Creative Commons China Mainland 3.0 License Draft to make any comments and suggestions on the draft, whether it is on law, language, or applicability.

Date & Time: Saturday, July 9, 2011 14:00- 17:00 PM

Room 725 in Mingde Law Building, Renmin University of China, Beijing, China