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Welcome to Creative Commons in Europe! Between the European affiliates, we also work to increase collaboration and exchange. We're also a contact point for organisations, authorities and individuals who want to get in touch with Creative Commons experts in relation to any kind of questions or projects of pan-European scale and scope, as well as a channel through which statements and common opinions of the CC jurisdictions are communicated to European-level organisations and policy makers, f. e. in the course of consultations on European Union legislation.

Our primary activities are:

  • to organize meetings and other events aimed at fostering collaboration and exchange between the participating affiliates,
  • to raise additional funds for transnational activities like studies, surveys and networking initiatives, and
  • to promote Creative Commons licensing and open access in general by increasing the outreach of the free licensing community.


If you want to contact the European affiliates network, please get in touch with the Regional Coordinators for Europe:

  • John Weitzmann -
  • Gwen Franck -

Events and meetings

Every year, a number of events are organised throughout Europe either by the European network itself, or events which in other ways tie in with or are of interest to Creative Commons. Stay tuned for more details!

See our list of European meetings and events. The next Creative Commons-related event worldwide is:


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More Events


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