EuroScience Open Forum 2010

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Conference, Webcast in Torino, Italy


Key Ideas for ESOF2010

The Conference (Scientific Programme)

2010 will be the key year for achieving the goals of the Lisbon Agenda, the set of strategies that the European Union has deployed for its economic and social development. What will be the most important challenges that Europe will have to face in 2010 in the field of science and technology in relation with the rest of the world?

Initiatives for young researchers (Career Programme)

  • Meetings on creativity with industrial designers
  • International summer school for Science, Communication and Society Ph.D. students
  • “Host a young scientist!”, a hospitality programme for young participants with volunteer families

For the general public (Science in the City Programme)

  • Special editions of science dissemination events
  • Involvement of Science Centres in Europe and other areas (North Africa, Middle East and South America) and collaboration with the Science Festival of Genoa


  • Real-time conference streaming
  • Possibility to take part in the forum from any part of the world
  • Conference material available and downloadable from anywhere in the world