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ethipedia - Truly Sustainable Business Practices

“ethipedia” is an online database of concrete practices adopted by organizations seeking to incorporate greater social and environmental responsibility into their operations.

The goal is to offer a library of replicable strategies for applying sustainability principles to one's organization. By making this information accessible, this site hopes to accelerate the market shift towards sustainable operations.

This is also a showcase for good strategies implemented worldwide. Business and organization reps, researchers, students and consultants are all invited to submit accounts of best sustainable practices instituted worldwide.

To ensure a high degree of credibility, the site Administrators monitor and vet submitted practices according to a set of concrete social and environmental criteria (which will soon be published on the site).

This is a meritocracy: The more practices that an organization can publish to its name on the site, the greater its visibility.

This resource is free and accessible to all businesses and institutions wishing to move towards greater sustainability.