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We are a new electronic music station. Listen to electronic music new releases from around the world. Browse, search and play over 100 new 2013 Creative Commons releases streamed instantly on-demand.

Music Genres

We currently cover the following music genres but are always adding more:





Berlin School

Dark Ambient






Field Recordings


Intelligent Ambient Music


Live Free Improvisation

Musique Concrete







Space Rock


Music Netlabels

We also support the following Netlabels and are presently adding more:


Based near Perugia, in central Italy, Acustronica is a label and netlabel with a specific purpose: to find and to promote those musicians and bands who are making some refreshing and creative music.

Assembly Field

Assembly Field is a netlabel specialising in ambient, experimental and electronic music. All releases will be available to download for free under creative commons: by-nc-nd.

Aural Films

An Intelligent Ambient Music (IAM) label that releases soundtracks for movies that do not exist.

BFW Recordings

Download and listen to the best new ambient, indie, shoegaze, post rock and experimental electronic music releases from around the world, all for free! BFW recordings is an independent netlabel. We release everything under a Creative Commons licence.

Buddhist On Fire

Buddhist on Fire releases dark ambient, experimental, field recordings, sound collage and live shows that were performed on the Sadayatana Podcast. Everything is released using a Creative Commons license.

Complex Silence

Complex Silence is an ambient music project and series of releases that venture into the realms of enigmatic and abstract ambience.

DNA Productions

DNA Production is a non-profit digital label dedicated to promoting new industrial artists on the Internet. The label releases albums in digital formats for free download and further non-profit distribution.

Echoes Sounds

45 ECHOES SOUNDS – logic continuation of net-label already familiar to listeners 45RPM-Records. However 45 Echoes Sounds makes more rigid genre and qualitative demands.

Editora Do Porto

EdP - Editora Do Porto - is a Porto based netlabel.

Eg0Cide Productions

Eg0cide Productions was founded in 2007 by The Ghost Between The Strings, primarily to release his own music (and stuff from close collaborators and friends) as free downloads. In 2009 it started to releases CD-Rs and to open to other contributors. The CD-R section is curated with the help of Eg0cide S.A.

Enough Records

Operating since 2001 as a hobby. Without any commercial intent. Without specific genre direction. Our mission is to promote and distribute music online for free.

Free Floating Music

Free Floating Music is a netlabel that focuses on serene, atmospheric ambient music.


Ilse exists to promote beautiful music.

Impulsive Habitat

Impulsive Habitat is a publishing label focused on field recording-based works. We are also very interested on new artists, new approaches and promoting people who haven’t received large exposure and whose work deserves more attention.

Nostress Netlabel

Independent music netlabel based in Palermo (Italy). Nostress Netlabel listens to and only considers original and unreleased music within the following genres: Psychedelic, Space, Post Rock, Electronic and Electroacoustic, Avant-garde, Experimental Ambient, Drone and Industrial. Nostress Netlabel is able to release free music as a digital MP3 with a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). Some musical works can also be edited on vintage and/or common media such as vinyl and compact disc.


We are a netlabel for dark and melancholic music.

Petroglyph Music

“Petroglyph Music” is a new Norwegian netlabel (2012) created by Rune Martinsen and Øystein Jørgensen. “Petroglyph Music” focusing on Ambient/experimental music and the subgenres/fusion genres of Ambient Music Mostly on CC.License (Free download)

Resting Bell

Resting Bell is a netlabel, founded by Christian Roth.

Rural Colors

we are ambassadors, not doctors

Sound For Good Records

Sound for Good is a record label that publishes and promote new music as a means to support good causes. This is an independent project that is supported directly by the artists and is not for profit or monetary gain in any way. All the artists time and every dollar we raise are focused on supporting a good cause.

Subterranean Tide

Through art - we can almost touch divinity. And we are merely tiny individuals hanging out in this universe creating beyond what was thought possible. Musicians are constantly evolving and they are continually giving us the gift of music. This netlabel serves as a platform to bring together different sound artists and to briefly experience the poetry of sound within ourselves.


suRRism-Phonoethics is a n0tlabel peaking the source since 2008. Founded and run by Jaan Patterson. The variety goes from Jazz to Noise passing electro-acoustic-cut-up-madness, experimental in all directions and Musique concrète by mighty Poets. The core of suRRism-Phonoethics is based around the idea of the suRRism manifesto, released in 2007 by Acedia Nuit and Jaan Patterson. Crossover Dada and Surrealist inspired ideas of action and representation of the not and acting as label interfere for the love. Behind:aRt.


Treetrunk Records, hailing from MidWestern USA, accepts quality musical submissions from artists from all over the globe. Our original mission was to showcase ambient and particularly experimental ambient (such as fractal / generative) music. For some time we also expanded into the field of phonography or field recordings, for both raw recordings and manipulated recorded material. Finally we have opened the doors a bit to other genres, accepting various quality submissions, though we still prefer for them to be experimental in nature, at least to a degree. We are a NetLabel with a heart. That does not mean that we accept everything sent our way. Rather, we strive to treat the creators of good music (and their fans) with compassion, releasing our material in a coherent and organized fashion, and, of course, generally-- charging no money for our releases.


Founded by music fan Thomas Mathie aka Headphonaught as a means of giving back to the independent music community...... We Are All Ghosts is a small non-commercial netlabel based in Motherwell, Scotland; that specialises in ambient electronic soundscapes but is open to other styles of music.

Webbed Hand

Webbed Hand is a netlabel, sharing over 200 complete albums as free mp3 downloads. Our sole mission is to bring you things to hear and enjoy. Add them to your music collection, make copies for your friends. Include them in your podcast, radio show, video or short film (open permission for non-commercial use; if commercial, contact us).

Withering Trees

Withering Trees is a netlabel which is licensed through Creative Commons. It was founded in early 2011 by Bernd Jungwirth (a.k.a. piper_ben).

If you hear something you like. Please show your support by downloading a copy. Just click through to the netlabel album page listed with each title.

Submitting Music

We are always looking for new releases to add to to Encyclotronic.com. If you have an album or netlabel you would like us to include here, you can do so by following the Submission Guide below:

At the current time we are only accepting new music submissions that meed the following criteria:

   Electronic Music Related Genres Only.
   New Albums Released in 2013.
   Creative Commons Licensing and Free to Download Releases.
   Full Albums and EP releases - Sorry, no one-off tracks at this time.

If your new album release meets the above qualifications. Please follow these instructions to submit your music for possible* inclusion on the site:

1. Prepare a single folder for each album / EP release formatted as follows, where "Artist Name " and "Album Name" refer to you and your albums's names:

   "Aritst Name - Album Name"

2. Copy related music files to the folder that meet the following criteria:

   A. Tracks encoded as MP3 128K constant rate encoding audio files.
   B. Ensure Artist, Album, Track, and Genre tag elements are filled out.
   C. Set one genre your music should be filed under. Multiple genres entered will be assigned to the first one in the list.
       See a list of genres here
   D. Name each of the track files to following format:
       "Artist Name - Album Name - Track Number (numeric) - Track Name.mp3"
   E. Square Image of the front album cover in JPG format no smaller than 300x300 pixels.
   F. Text file named "index.txt" containing a brief text description of the album and the full URL to download it from. 

3. Upload the Album folder to a Dropbox account. You can sign up for Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/

   Note: new accounts can get extra get extra storage free with a referral from "synthmetv@gmail.com".

4. Share the Dropbox folder containing your albums(s) with the email address: synthmetv@gmail.com

5. Check the site within 1-5 days to see your uploaded to the site at Encyclotronica.com.

   If you don't see the album listed after 5 days. Please send the Dropbox share request again.


Because of the high demand for submissions, all albums must meet the stated guidelines. Following them exactly, is the best way to ensure your albums will be added to New Release library.

Sorry, we cannot respond to everyone who submits their music and reserve the right to refuse any submissions without explanation.