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Content Directory
URL: http://encanners.net
CC licensed content portal: http://encanners.net
CC licensed content feed: http://encanners.net/en/rss.xml
Formats: Text, Image
Approximate size of the CC-licensed collection: 30

Encanners.net is a new writing project with a central theme to be developed in most of its fictional stories. Texts also include misc and nonfictional material: articles, blogs, source code samples and so on.

As a project it is based on openness and sharing, built with open source programming languages (Python, PHP, ECMAScript, ...), open source software (Linux, Drupal, Emacs, Vim, Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, ...) and respecting open standards ((X)HTML, CSS).

All texts are available in Portuguese and English.

Licenses for all the material in the site are explained here: licenses.

Portal feed: English | Portuguese.

Blogs feed: English | Portuguese.