ETCC Exhibition - Brisbane

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Exhibition, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Date: Opening Friday 5 August, 6pm - 9pm Exhibition continues Saturday 6 to Friday 26 August, 10 am - 4 pm week days and by appointment. Where: Shøøting Gallery, 105 Bowen Street, Spring Hill

WHO: Artists featured in the Brisbane show are yet to be announced.

WHAT: The etcc exhibition features a body of new works exploring the realities of copyright in the visual arts. The creative community is changing; a culture is emerging allowing artists to appropriate, integrate and remix each others’ work. But coupled with these notions of inspiration and freedom to create are issues of piracy, legal licensing and artistic ownership.

Etcc takes the debate and slams it right on the gallery wall, with each artist creating a work that is both recycled and recyclable. Each work recycles licensed Creative Commons images, and is in turn licensed for others to remix – legally. What results is an interactive process that highlights how most art is derivative in nature, while questioning the ramifications of this on the artistic community.