Drumbeat Festival 2010: Learning, freedom and the web

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Drumbeat Festival 2010 will showcase people, ideas and projects making connections between learning, freedom and the web. Things like:

A secure 'data backpack' where students control their own learning materials and credentials

Libraries transformed into digital garages where kids learn to make, do and create with an agile, hacker attitude

Massively scaled apprenticeship, we people learn by diving into the world of open source master craftspeople

Hackerspaces where people teach each other about everything from robots to lasers to knitting

Alternative accreditation models based on web and open source peer review techniques

The idea is to gather people with the puzzle pieces needed to ideas like these real: data portability; open educational resources; secure, decentralized storage in the cloud; open content licenses; agile thinking; open, user controlled online identity; massive, credible informal learning opportunities; passion.


Festival in Barcelona, Spain