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If you use Eclipse, you'll be pleased to know that the repository contains an Eclipse project file. To get going, choose "Create a new project from existing sources." This should import all that is necessary into Eclipse.

Eclipse, Nutch, and the class path

You can end up in a mess with the class path, since ant has one way of managing the class path, whereas Eclipse has a second. So things that work in Eclipse can fail in the ant targets.

Setting up eclipse and DiscoverEd on a windows box

install eclipse Galileo EE select his package: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (189 MB)

To install subversion module:

HELP-> Install new software -> "work with" = subclipse - select checkboxes for three groups of software, "Subclipse", "Subclipse Integrations", "Subclipse SVNKit Option" then click "Next", etc., accept certificate, and "Finish"

To install git:

egit is a relatively new addon to eclipse- It's in the incubation phase. "Help" -> "Install new software" add the site then select that site, it will be scanned for pluggin software, one package will be found, select it, and install it.

Getting started:

On June 23,2010 a new version of Eclipse, "Helios" will be released which includes many projects built in to it, including egit.

Since git is not working real well, or completely, with exlipse, you might want a native windows client and here is one that is a well known favorite (we're using the otrtoiseSVN and tortoiseCVS tools for years)

importing DiscoverEd repo (cloning) within Eclipse add/load your private key to your desktop pagent


  • file -> import
  • Select "Git" from list of import sources and open up the folder tree for it
  • there is one subject item, select it: "Projects from Git" and click "Next"
  • click "Clone" and for the URI enter: "git://",

keep protocol as git and click Next

  • keep all parts of git project checked
  • make sure directory is selected where you want the project to go
  • click Finish

The project takes a while to download (import). You will be prompted to click Next. do so.

  • Method for project creation: Import Existing Projects

Method for sharing projects after project creation: Do not share project Click Next

  • Select the DiscoverEd project, and click Finish
  • restart eclipse. do not panic. restart eclipse.

Then wait a while for it to build (status in lower right corner of eclipse) and blank screen results.

building DED

  • select JAVA EE view/mode inupper right corner of eclipse
  • right click on project name (ded)
  • select "Build Path" and ""Select build path"
  • select tab "Source" and selct the objects with a red check mark, and click "Remove"
  • select the tab "Libraries", highlight the libraries with the

missing references and click "Remove"

  • Click "OK" to close the window

On top menu select "Project and unselect "Auto build" Then select "Build Project"

FIXME: Write more problems and solutions here.