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Avid license user? Resourceful technologist? Fiery activist? How can you step up your advocacy and support of Creative Commons in your domain? Find your niche below…


Creative Commons licenses would do little without enthusiastic use by creators across disciplines. If you’ve created any sort of copyrightable material, such as video, text, images, websites or blogs, license them! See for information about choosing a license.


Are you in the capacity to give legal advice? Consider giving some pro bono counseling to potential license users. Educate users about the current state of copyright, the Creative Commons mission and all the legalities of using the licenses.


We are continuously updating and introducing new tools to help users license their work more easily. Any ideas? Send an email to see what we’re working on and how your expertise may help us out.


We attend conferences and trade shows all over the country promoting the goals of Creative Commons. Check out our schedule and contact us if you want to get involved handing out swag and manning the booth.