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Articles on the CC wiki are editable by anyone willing to create an account on the wiki and confirm the email address associated with that account. Talk pages are anonymously editable.

When an account is created, a confirmation email should automatically be sent to the email address specified for the account. For reasons that aren't fully known, sometimes people end up with an account for which the email address remains unconfirmed. Perhaps the entered email address was incorrect, and so never arrived (???).

To manually confirm an email address on the CC wiki:

  • Login to the CC wiki
  • In the right sidebar, under the section "Wiki Toolbox," click "My preferences."
  • At the bottom of the outlined box labeled "User profile" is a heading titled "Email." Below that should be several options related to the account's email address, including an option to resend the confirmation email. Before doing this, verify that the email address associated with the account is correct.
  • The email you receive should have a confirmation link. Upon clicking the link (or pasting it into your browser) you will be taken to the CC wiki, your address will me marked as confirmed, and you should be ready to edit articles on the CC wiki.