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Creative Commons uses XMPP for instant messaging. Anyone should be able to connect to the CC Community Call chat room from any XMPP account. Note: Google Talk uses XMPP, so anyone with a Gmail account should be set.

The room for the CC Community Call is cc-community-call on

Configuring Your Software

Adium (Mac OS X)

Adium is a multi-protocol IM client for Mac OS X. You can download Adium at

You can find instructions for configuring Adium to work with Google Talk at

Once you have Adium configured to use your Gmail account, to join the chat room:

  1. From File choose Join Group Chat
  2. Select your Gmail account from the drop-down menu
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    • Chat Room Name: cc-community-call
    • Server:
    • (Optional) Handle: Your name
  4. Click Join

Google Talk (Windows)

You can download Google Talk at

Pidgin (Linux / Windows)