Celebrate CC's 5th Birthday in NYC

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[[Venue:=Swift's Ibernian Lounge|]] [[Address:=35 w. 4th St|]] [[City:=New York|]] {{#if:NY|[[State:=NY|]]|}} {{#if:10003|[[Postal Code:=10003|]]|}} [[Country:=United States|]] [[Date:=December 15, 2007 06:00:00 PM EST|]]

Creative Commons was born December 2002, and to celebrate we're inviting the CC Community worldwide to join the party!

Come Celebrate CC's 5th Birthday in NYC @ Jonathan Swift Bar 35 W. 4th street B/W Lafayette and Bowery Saturday, Dec 15th 2007 6-9pm, Find us in the back. Well be buying drinks for anyone showing up wearing something from CC or bringing something licensed under CC!

Contact Info: Fred Benenson fred [at] creativecommons.org +19178267819