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Teamspace was the internal task and project tracking system used at Creative Commons. It is powered by Semantic Media Wiki.

Teamspace is offered as an experiment in building applications with Semantic MediaWiki; CC no longer uses the software and there is no support and no active development at this time.


CcTeamspace can be considered as a web-based collaborative project management software. It is in fact only a wiki data structure to be used on a MediaWiki platform.

The main features are :

  • Project and task management system with calendar and mail notifications.
  • Staff, companies and groups management
  • Traditional wiki features (pages, links, images...)
  • Semantic web features (words have a meaning for the machine)



  • Web Server such as Apache or IIS
  • PHP version 5.0 or later (5.1.x recommended)
  • Database Server MySQL 4.0 or later

Follow these five steps to install ccTeamspace on your server :

(1) MediaWiki : MediaWiki is a free software wiki package used for Wikipedia and many other wikis. It's the basis of the ccTeamspace software. Follow the MediaWiki installation guide to complete the installation of your wiki.

(2)Semantic MediaWiki: On this MediaWiki installation, we will add some semantic features. Download Semantic MediaWiki and follow the four installation steps.

(3) Add Semantic Extensions: All of the following extensions are needed:

(4) Import the ccTeamspace structure:

   $git clone
  • Log in with your Sysops account and go to the Special:Import page to import the Teamspace-data.xml file.

(5) Refresh the semantic data with a script: Move the php file ./extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/maintenance/SMW_refreshData.php to the ./maintenance/ directory of your MediaWiki installation. Then execute the SMW_refreshData.php script to create the semantic data in your database.

  $php maintenance/SMW_refreshData.php

If this produce an error due to Semantic Calendar, just comment the Semantic Calendar include line in your file LocalSettings.php, restart the script and then uncomment the previous line.

Usage and FAQ

Basicaly, a task can be part of a project and a project can be part of a project category.

A Group is an organization or a company you are working with. You can create groups and fill-in many informations.

When a new user is created, if this user is part of the staff, add the following code to enable the staff and task templates:

   {{User Tasks}}

How to

Add a task: On an user page, click on Add task or go to the page Special:AddPage/Task

Add a project: Go to the page Special:AddPage/Project

Add a project category: Go to the page Special:AddPage/Project_Category

Add a group: Go to the page Special:AddPage/Group

Have an overview of the projects:

  • To have a overview on all projects, go to the page Category:Project
  • If you know the project category they belong to, go directly to the project category page (by tipping its name in the url tab). This page displays a control panel of the current projects.

Have an overview of the tasks of one project: Simply go to the project page (by tipping its name in the url tab). This page displays a control panel of the different tasks.

Get the list of the groups: Go to the page Category:Group.

Get the list of the staff: Go to the page Category:Staff

Get the list of all the users of CcTeamSpace: Go to the page Special:Listusers.


If you want to contribute to the ccTeamspace data structure, please read this page.