CcPublisher 2 Beta 3

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ccPublisher 2 Beta 3

Thursday, May 12, 2006

Release Notes

This release of ccPublisher 2 corrects many bugs exposed during the previous Beta 2 period. In particular, error handling and input validation have been significantly improved. Some problems with uploading to the Internet Archive were due to inpropoer error checking; these issues have been corrected.

In addition to error fixes, this release includes the new Extension Point API which allows extensions and storage providers to contribute to the primary user interface. It also includes initial support for multiple backends; the final 2.0 release will contain the two providers analogous to ccPublisher 1's functionality: Internet Archive and Self-Hosting.

This release includes "phone home" code to open an issue in the ccPublisher Tracker when a crash occurs. This new tracker is located at; all feature requests and bugs are tracked there. When a crash occurs, you are no longer prompted for your email address -- if you authorize ccPublisher to upload the crash information, you are provided with a link to the web page so you can follow progress. You can add yourself as a "nosy" account (and receive email when updated) or subscribe to the RSS feed of activity.

If you have suggestions, feature requests, or bug reports, you can file them in the tracker as well (

If you wish to discuss development of ccPublisher, you can subscribe to the cc-devel mailing list.



  • Windows: The download link above points to ccPublisher-1.9.3.exe; run that file and ccPublisher will be installed and added to your Start menu.
  • Linux: The download link above points to a source tarball, which includes most of what you need. You will also need wxPython 2.6 (Unicode build) and elementtree. Once you have those two dependencies installed, untar the download and run
  • Mac OS X: The download link points to a zip file which contains the application file. Unzip the archive to run ccPublisher.