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CC Publisher is no longer developed or supported, and is not available for download. This page is for historical reference only.

ccPublisher 2.2

ccPublisher 2.2 will be released at the iSummit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The focus of this release is bug fixes and internationalization support. This page documents releases in the 2.2 series in reverse chronological order. The newest release is always at the top.

ccPublisher 2.2.1

22 June 2006

This release fixes a crash-inducing bug related to uploading works to the Internet Archive. Mac OS X builds released 29 June 2006.

ccPublisher 2.2.0

21 June 2006

This release fixes some minor bugs found in the final release candidate and contains updated Chinese (Taiwan) translation information. This release includes the same set of translations found in the 2.1.3 release candidate.

Issues, bug reports and feature requests may be logged in the ccPublisher Issue Tracker. Translation information may be found here.

ccPublisher 2.1.3 (Release Candidate)

20 June 2006

This release corrects many issues found in previous betas, and completes the i18n implementation targeted for 2.2.

This release includes the following translations:

  • Catalan (ca_ES)
  • Chinese - Taiwan (zh_TW)
  • Croation (hr_HR)
  • English (en_US)
  • Polish (pl_PL)
  • Spanish (es_ES)

ccPublisher 2.1.2

10 June 2006

This release corrects several issues found in the previous beta release.

Regressions, bug reports, feature requests and suggestions should be reported in the ccPublisher Tracker.

ccPublisher 2.1.1

9 June 2006

This release corrects several issues found in the first beta release (2.1.0). In particular:

  • when starting the app with a new translation a crash immediately occurs
  • I/O errors which occur during Internet Archive upload are now caught (file not found, permission denied, etc)
  • Additional bug fixes reported during the 2.0.x cycle have been applied to this release

The translation catalog templates included with this release have been extensively updated since the previous release. These updates include strings which were missed, as well as additional strings introduced during bug fixes (error messages, etc). See Translating ccPublisher for details on using msgmerge to update your translation files. The "How Does This Work" window is still untranslated; instructions for translating that window should be available shortly.

This release also contains new file selector and license selector code which has been extensively refactored. Regressions, bug reports, feature requests and suggestions should be reported in the ccPublisher Tracker.

Questions regarding internationalization or translation can be directed to the cctools-i18n mailing list. As a reminder, translations to be included in the final release are due by 20 June 2006.

ccPublisher 2.1.0

6 June 2006

This is the first beta release of ccPublisher 2.2. This is still pre-release software and there are issues outstanding. See the ccPublisher Tracker for bug details. This release is provided for people interested in testing ccPublisher and as a resource for translators to begin their work. Information on translating ccPublisher can be found here. This release has the following known issues:

  • labels in the user interface are not wrapped correctly Issue 317
  • errors which occur during the upload process are not caught Issue 263

See the tracker for a complete list of issues currently slated to be addressed.

Bugs, feature requests and feedback may be directed to the cc-devel mailing list or filed in Roundup.