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Questions before beginning a Case Study

How can I add a case study?

Simply add the name of the Case Study in the box on the Case Studies page. You'll be directed to an easy form to enter the details. If you haven't done so already, you'll need to login or sign up for an account on this wiki.

Also check out our Case Studies Questionnaire (PDF), a helpful handout for conducting interviews or drafting a case study.

What is appropriate for a Case Study?

Anything and everything that uses the CC licenses. Not certain that something should be added as a Case Study? Add it anyway and others will help you make it better.

Have an idea for a case study but can't execute?

Add your request to Talk:Case_Studies.

I want to work on a case study but don't have ideas

See requests at Talk:Case_Studies, find an existing case study to improve, look for "featured commoners" who do not yet have a case study.

What are some example quality case studies that I should imitate?

See Case_Studies#Explore.

Questions about filling out the Case Study form

One line description

Please concisely describe the work.

Pull Quote

Please add a quotation or slogan related to the work. Do not enter quotation marks; this will be done automatically.

Here's an example: If you give away cool stuff, what you get in return is always more!

Quote Attribution

Who said the quote? Please add the person or institution's name here. Ex. "Ton Roosendaal".

Image Header

In a separate window, open "Upload File", also located in the menu. Follow the instructions to upload the file. Once the upload is complete, return to the Case Studies form and add the URL of the image, found by hovering over the uploaded image and right-clicking "Copy Image Location"

Image Attribution

Who owns this image?

Image License URL

Which license is the image available under? EX.

Please ensure you have permission to publish the image here.

Main URL

Please add the URL of the work's website.


Who is the author or organization responsible for the work being described in the case study?

Type of author/organization

Is the above author or organization a curator or creator? You may check both if they apply.


Please separate tags by a comma. Standard tags include: Animation, science, medicine, architecture, OER, art, music, etc.

You can read more about CC's tagging conventions here:

License short name

Please select all applicable licenses.

License URL

Please provide us with the URLs of the selected licenses. Separate each entry by a comma. If using a ported ("country") license, please specify.



Please select all relevant types of media for this work.


Please select the work's primary geographic origin(s). Separate entries by comma. For global projects, write "global".

Questions about the Main Text in the Case Studies form


Please provide an overview of the work. Describe the author or organization (location, funding/business model, partner organizations), objectives, current projects.

License Usage

Please specify the license adopted. How is the license applied? Can you provide any available statistics?

What has been the author or organization's experience with Creative Commons licenses so far – what have been the benefits and lessons learned?


How did the author or organization first hear about Creative Commons?

Why did they choose to license under Creative Commons? Which license did they select and why?

Any other issues you may have come across/comments you’d like to make.


Please include any screenshots, logos, links to videos, audio files, press hits, etc. To upload a file, open a separate window and click through Special:Upload.