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A music project led by Rapper Nassun and Bigtone.

The team is now producing a music video with another visual team inspired by their idea. Volunteers from the Internet are translating the work of the project into English and Japanese targetting American and Japanese audiences.

They are planning to utilize social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and SoundCloud to the maximum. The project officially launches on 11:11 PM November 11, 2011, with the release of their first music.

built together to create our own freedom of muzik from the soul — Yeizon

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Made up of 9 members including vocalists, producers, and the two rappers mentioned above. The project members are not following the existing music industry custom, but pioneering the way of free distribution via their homepage and CCL application to encourage creative work.

License Usage

Every product by YEIZON is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported applied.


They are attracting voluntary participation from people by including not only music but also video, artwork, and text contents.