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Yes No Wave Music is an internet-based records label from Indonesia releasing music for free download using Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-SA.

Music Beyond No-Borders — Yes No Wave Music


Yes No Wave Music is the first net label in Indonesia. This label started in 2007 by Wok The Rock, a visual artist in Yogyakarta. Except releasing music recording, Yes No Wave Music also run a webzine Xeroxed posting articles about free-culture and featuring CC licensed artworks. This label is one of the curator of Free Music Archive.

License Usage

All recordings including the cover artwork and liner note are released under Creative Commons License CC-BY-NC-SA. Indonesia has very strong music piracy and the label along with the artists believe that by to be open and giving away the work for free using CC license, it will decrease the piracy and giving possibilities to other musician to create new form from the recordings and also give awareness to music fans, media and music blogger to appreciate the works in a way of attribution. This movement gained a very good feedback by being featured in mainstream media like RollingStone Indonesia that noted Yes No Wave Music as a label that give a new alternative in music distribution in Indonesia.


All Yes No Wave Music's albums are uploaded in The Internet Archive which using CC license. That is the first time to know about Creative Commons. The license give a proper protection and its attribution rule giving an awareness for media, music fans and bloggers in Indonesia to be noted that appreciation of an artworks is not just by buying it. But the problem is that CC Indonesia has not available yet.


Some of releases reached 3,000 downloads in 1 month and spread all over the music websites and blogs which feature a citation on Yes No Wave Music website and its music files hyperlink.