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We produce PDF versions of calculus textbooks with embedded teaching videos, providing a deeper, richer learning experience for mathematics students using CC licenses.


We produce our free undergraduate textbooks as PDFs because it allows us to hyperlink all of the cross-references in the books, put in pop-up margin comments, and embed these teaching videos at the beginning of each section that actually teach the student the content of that section; in essence, our free textbooks are electronic versions of courses. The PDF format also allows our textbooks to be completely portable, as the student can have it on his or her laptop, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or any other device that supports PDFs, or the student can print any portion of a textbook that he or she desires.

Our texts are written by award-winning professors, and are written to emphasize ideas and examples. We believe that many of the other textbooks that are currently on the market today feature mathematics that truly do not prepare students for the challenges they will face in the workforce. Our textbooks include the rigorous mathematics that students will need to succeed, but we place these technical details at the end of the chapter, where they do not affect the exposition. Even without all of the new features that we offer in our PDF format, we know that our written textbooks are superior to any others that currently exist.

License Usage

We have adopted the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license for our textbooks. What this allows us to do is offer educators the ability to customize what is in their textbooks to best fit the needs of their courses and this is the biggest advantage CC licenses offer. It will allow educators to make any necessary changes that will help better educate their students and overall make their experience more fulfilling.


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