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As a university our obligation is to hold lectures. As a part of our Web Science Master Program we wanted to create a MOOC about Web Science called Introduction to Web Science. After we compared platforms to host a MOOC we quickly realized that most MOOCs are not truly open since the material is not licensed with a free and open licence like CC or GPL. Therefor we decided to create our educational resources and massive open online course at and and donate it to the creative commons cloud. We also aggregate existing materials which have the proper licence and sometimes even ask people if they could change their licence so that they contribute to the project.

We are:

License Usage

All the materials is available under CC-BY-SA and sometimes only CC-BY (which is a licence that we accept while aggregating content) It is a mess that there are so many Creative commons licences available. Many people seem not to understand what is allowed and what is not. Also some of the licences seem to be incompatible. E.g. we would love to include TED talks to our MOOC but we cannot host and upload them to Wiki commons since NC is not compatible with CC-BY-SA the licence which Wikimedia uses.


In our opinion MOOCs should be truly open educational resources and thus be licensed using an open and free licence. We chose CC-BY-SA as our primary licence since we like the copyleft idea (it takes away some freedom though but it advertises the open movement) we did not go for NC since we think that commercial use is a good thing. Motivation for people to create excellent content is often higher if there is commercial interest. Having SA allows us to participate from the improved content. Thus ND also would not have made sense for us.


The licence allows our material also to be included to all the Wikimedia projects which is one of the greatest places for open educational resources. People can collaborate on creating teaching materials and fixing mistakes (which has already happened)

Technical Details

We have not been able to only use free software to create our media. So most videos are created using final cut pro. Also the source code of the videos are not available since hosting them ist difficult. These technical problems have to be solved at some point in time.