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An L.A.-based record label that explores new methods of music distribution/publication, including the use of CC licenses.

To date, we have released all of our work under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License, meaning that listeners are free to copy, transmit, and share our music for non-commercial purposes. This license was most appealing to us as a label because it offers the same rights as the “Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0″ option - but in a way that is digestible for the casual music fan. — John Gillilan


Vosotros is an L.A.-based record label that was founded by childhood friends John Gillilan and Gabe Noel. They have maintained a variety of projects since their inception but the 'Lazy Susan' project remains emblematic of their Ethos. Beginning as a monthly podcast the Lazy Susan was used as a means to promote an associated monthly live music showcase in Downtown Los Angeles. For each show a new band was formed by the Vosotors family and a new song recorded. A year after the project began, they released a formal album with the songs licensed under a CC Music Sharing license.

License Usage

Vosotros has used the CC Music Sampling license on their Lazy Susan CD release.


Vosotros has employed the CC Music Sampling license because it aims to reach out to the "casual music fan" as much as it does those familiar with CC. As such, Vosotros' stance has been as follows: "In this critical growth period for Creative Commons, we believe it is important to present these concepts as simply and directly as possible to our listeners."