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First free online dictionary of the Slovene spoken language.

The most entertaining Slovene dictionary! — Jana (Slovene family magazine)


This wiki encourages anonymous users to contribute freely and create a non-censored dictionary of spoken Slovene. Unleashed Tongue (Razvezani jezik) has been online since December 2004 and so far more than 600 people have participated by writing or editing the articles. It became extremely popular and extensively quoted source of Slovene catchphrases, clichés and neologisms used by all generations and throughout the regions. Some phrases are only known to two people, some are canonised and considered traditional but most of them deal with the grey area of sex, drugs and death in a very creative and even cheerful way.

License Usage

All the content in the dictionary is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. The derivatives (the e-book from 2006 and the paperback book from 2007) bear the same licence.


Obviously the Unleashed Tongue entered the domain of linguistic science. However, the proper (referential) dictionaries in Slovenia do not catch up with the contemporary (spoken) language. The producer's aim is to offer/maintain a platform for the development of its associative and political potential. Similarly to the ‘reclaim the streets’ endeavours, the creators of the Unleashed Tongue would like to think of the web site as the ‘reclaim the language’ territory.

Therefore, the decision for the CC licencing is political and not commercial - the content has been created by more than 600 people and no one should have an exclusive right to capitalise on their work. The two books have been produced by the same organisation but the floor is open to anyone to exploit the raw material under the same conditions.


Apart from the online dictionary two "the best of" selections have been made so far: the e-book in pdf format ( and the paperback book in 2000 copies. The three products have, however, different features: for the two books the articles were selected and proof-read but not altered in any other way. For the paperback book the organisation of articles was changed (thematic clusters) and spiced with over 90 "folkpunk" illustrations.