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The current model of drug development is slow and inefficient. In a 2005 JAMA commentary, Andrew S. Grove, PhD, former Chairman of Intel, posits that the dominant cause is the slow rate of knowledge turns in the healthcare industry. "Knowledge turns are indicators of the time it takes for an experiment to proceed from hypothesis to results and then lead to a new hypothesis and a new result."

We agree.

The Clinical Open Innovation Team believes that open models can accelerate knowledge turns resulting in a faster drug development process. We are responding to this challenge, starting with the TB Commons initiative.

This initiative seeks to build a commons. The word “commons” in the digital space means what it does in physical space: It is a shared, public place for collecting and sharing resources for a community. This can include open data, shared expertise, software, and discourse.

The goal of the TB Commons initiative is to seed and grow an open clinical intelligence network. Our mental model for this focuses on four core community activities:

Collect. Gather and convert available public clinical data to standard web-enabled formats Consume. Personalize views of data for exploration and understanding Curate. Generate new insights by linking, annotating, and organizing data in new ways Connect. Inspire community members to create networks of people and knowledge

TB Commons is an open innovation in progress. You can become part of the process of reinventing invention. Build a collection, explore what you've built, and engage with others.

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