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The Global Lives Project aims to “record 24 hours in the lives of ten people that roughly represent the diversity our planet’s population.” Accomplishing this via a volunteer-network dispersed through out the globe, GLP aggregates video for these subjects based on a unique spreadsheet approach to understand global demographics. All of the work produced by GLP is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license, a decision explained in the our [Featured Commoner Interview] with Global Lives founder David Evan Harris.

As the Global Lives Project grew from a concept into a community, choosing a CC license was the clearest and most obvious way to demonstrate to all the members of the community that their hard work producing and shooting video around the planet would be preserved as an enduring public document of human experience, free and accessible to the public indefinitely. By using CC licenses and establishing ourselves as a nonprofit organization, we aim to clearly position our work as situated within the same gift economy of commons-based peer production that projects like GNU/Linux and Wikipedia emerged from. — David Evan Harris