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The Dryden Experiment is using the CC BY-SA license to build a shared Science Fiction Universe for story telling, role playing, video game, video, and art. The history of the universe encompasses four major eras each having a distinct style allowing for artists and authors from all Sci Fi backgrounds to grown and develop materials in the shared universe

You seem concerned that our methods are...unorthodox. Let me ask you this; what scientist, engineer or explorer every changed the world by doing what has been done before? — Seli Dryden


The Dryden Experiment is shared science fiction universe built on the scale of Star Wars or Star Trek. However it uses the Creative Commons so that artists authors, game and video developers can all access and use the shared history without having to buy rights or sell their licensing to corporations.

License Usage

The Licensing for the Dryden Experiment is listed here: . While we find that some authors and artists are turned off by the CC licensing structure, most realizes the advantage of having not only a shared universe but also a shared audience.

Most talent who decline to work with us are already established in their own fields, though some professionals, especially authors, seem to enjoy the cooperative environment.



In our first three months of operation we have worked with 40 authors and artists, have two novels and one short story collection in development, are developing our first video game, and are shopping our first video script. The total cash investment has been $171 dollars. The open format of the CC License is absolutelly why we are able to have such a large impact so quickly.

Technical Details

There's not a lot going on technically that's difficult to understand. If we need a resource we recruit it. We use readily available technologies to create the website/store/etc. and rely on our talent to have their own development tools. We use twitter, fb, Google +, etc.


Please see the website for our media.